I exercise first thing in the morning.

Foggy early morning sunrise in the forest, the sun's rays.

Or, more accurately…
I used to.

puppy and kittens sleeping together

Waking up early is good.
Exercising is good.
Exercising in the morning is best.

Or, at least, that’s the dialogue that
Kept running through my mind.

So, I kept pushing out all
Opposing thoughts from my head.

Etosha National Park Namibia, Africa giraffe fighting.

As I slowly watched my productivity, energy & attitude
Go down the drain.

Water flowing out of a storm drain outfall.

The problem…
I wasn’t getting enough sleep.

Even worse,
Each morning I found myself racing around
Trying to pull myself together to get out of the house.

Funny baby white rabbit with a carrot in grass

As good as exercise is,
Stress and lack of sleep are equally bad.

Which equated to one step forward,
Then two steps back.

Traveler girl looking map

I’ve since started exercising later in the day,

Which allows me time
To relax in the mornings
Ensures I get my much needed sleep.

I feel better –
Even though the shift was a small thing.

It was hard at first.
(My habit ran deep.)
But after a short time,
It became clear –

There are a lot of things I need to rethink.

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