Even though I haven’t been posting,

(My site hasn’t even been up.)

Generic mobile phone with blank screen

I have been writing them –
Just not typing them up.

Pen, Writing, Letter.

I have pages of posts waiting for me.

Rivista colorata

So many I’m overwhelmed.

Stacked files

I created a mess.


A huge to-do that stresses me out.

Stress at workplace. Sleepy student.

But today I decided to free myself

Flying green and yellow balloon near an acacia tree

By forgetting about them.


Getting so backed up overwhelmed me.
It made me want to cover my eyes –
And, cry,

eight years old school girl

Which is why I’ve been negligent when it comes to this site.

I kept telling myself that once I got all the posts up,
I’d be ready to go.

Old chronometer

Now, I realize…

Ill never be ready.
I just have to start,
To go

Wherever I am

yellow flower growing on crack street.

Accepting that although it may not be exactly where (or what) I want,

Romantic background.

The future begins right where I am.

Bud of rose





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