This week
I’m getting my hair cut.

Chihuahua puppy taking a bath standing in pink bathtub

It’s something I should
Do more often.

Overflowing laundry basket

But instead…
I always put it off.

Teenage passenger

For three reasons:

1. The salon is on the other side of town.

Unmanned spacecraft probes scouting a Mars like red planet, for space exploration and science fiction backgrounds.

2. It’s ridiculously expense.

Jar with black caviar and spoon of salt.

3. I don’t like my hairdresser.

He’s great at what he does

Bonsai ...

He’s very negative

vecchi negativi 6x6

Always smells like smoke.


I keep telling myself
I should find someone else –

Someone closer,
Someone more positive,
Who doesn’t smell like an

cigarette butt in ashtray, stainless ashtray on wood table

Yet I never do.
I never even look.

Easter hunt

At this point,
I need to stop
Going in circles
And decide

Silhuette of a rollercoaster

Either to take action
To find someone new

Pointe Shoes

To stop using my reasons
As an excuse.

Teddy bear with a beautiful pink rose. Apology concept. Vintage style, selective focus




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