For most of my life,
My dreams have been
Dark and gloomy.

Gloomy autumn landscape in vintage processing

The underlying story line the same,
Only the details changed.

misty pine tree forest

A few months ago,
This stopped.

New story lines began.


Finally, after decades,
My dream life is no longer the same.

I’ve been tracking my dreams
Since I was 16
Looking for variations
And underlying meaning.

Trying to break out of them
So I no longer felt stuck –

Foot stuck into chewing gum on street

Only to keep reliving
The same things night after night.

Columns of St. Peter's Square

I know this represents a subconscious shift.

cracked concrete cement sidewalk foundation

How it came about
Is a mystery to me.

Tarot Kartlar

It’s a reminder that
Change is possible –
Even if slow.

Tartaruga gigante delle Seychelles

We can’t predict
When it’ll come about
Or which way
It’ll go.





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