This is the week
Of my birthday.

cupcakes and candles

Something I normally
Wouldn’t admit.

Finger on lips - silent gesture

I only mention it now
Because last year
The day before my birthday
My father shot himself.

Clown Water Gun Game Vintage. Classic water gun clown balloon carnival game. Old, aged looking clown heads and numbered lights. Squirting, balloons inflating. Edited with a vintage film effect.

He’s alive.
Although I can’t say
He’s well.

bed in hospital

What I’m finding
Is that the closer
It gets to that day,

golf red hole

The more stressed
And anxious
I am

Student worried about exams

As if my body
Is subconsciously bracing itself
For the same thing to happen again.

Old weathered grunge brick wall with wooden frame-build strengthening as background

This is something
I’ve known for a while –

That memories & experiences
Get lodged in our body & mind.

Knife Thrust  against background with beautiful landscape with sea and mountains

That until we find a way
To set them free

Open Jack-In-The-Box Antique

We keep reliving
The past

We’ll never be free.





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