I took the day off
To run errands.

Flare sun light with sign open in the restaurant .

Or, more accurately…

To open up my day
Allowing me plenty of time
At the one place
I never go –

The mall.

Close - up Row of shopping cart at department store

By 11am,
I’d picked up the computer,
Bought 5 pairs of shoes &
Purchased powder & blush

Concept of woman shopping

From a young, heterosexual
Single Italian man

Venice Italy Architecture

Who was so charming

Handsome fashion man undressing woman

That while I was eating
My incredibly yummy, high calorie pizza
And drinking my incredibly strong
Equally delicious Strawberry Basil Martini

Cocktail drinks

I couldn’t help
But entertain the thought

That instead of traveling
This year to dance

I should pack up my bags
For an extended Italian getaway.

Seaside villas in Italy

I reign in my thoughts.

I’m still on a mission.

Falabella miniature horse

I have a dishwasher
(And maybe a few outfits
From Lululemon to buy.)

details of open dishwasher, utensils with drops in during washin

In the past couple of weeks
If I’ve had one predominant thought
I’d be…

What would happen
If I stepped outside of my life?

closed up the toad in a pot

If I threw away
Everything I consider “normal”


Went (my version) of wild.

Frog on lily pad

I don’t know.

But, at the moment,
It seems a reasonable thing
To find out.

Because I don’t want
To waste my life
Stuck within the confines
Of self constructed walls.

portrait of cat wants to the house, sad eyes look

I’m tired of being trapped.

Three cute puppies locked in the cage

It’s time for me
To break out.

Heart shaped hotel room key




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