I love Valentine’s Day –

Valentines Day background with hearts

Because for at least a week beforehand

There are hearts,

Heart shaped candies for Valentines Day


Vibrant Red Rose Close Up Macro - Abstract

Chocolate everywhere.


* Not to mention
Chocolate covered strawberries,
Which I absolutely love!

Homemade Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

In the unfortunate timing of events,
My trip interfered with this year’s
Pre-Valentine’s Day enjoyment.

grumpy new year dog

I was thankfully
Able to somewhat compensate
By eating an adequate number
Of chocolate covered strawberries
Before I left.

kitten eating food

I know a lot of people
Who don’t like V day –

And I understand why.

Angry cat he's upset.

But I think the underlying concept is good.

We could all use
More love in our lives.

Valentines day hearts in gift box




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