Ever since I returned from Portland
(A whole week ago)

amish horse and buggy, sepia tone

I’ve been trying
To break my routines
In small ways.

Bits of Glass

For example…
I go to different restaurants.
I order different things.

assortment of spices seasoning on a black stone

My goal (unlike it’s been for years)
Is not to choose the “healthiest” thing.

Fresh green kale leaves

It’s within the loose boundaries of my likes & dislikes,
To try something I normally would not.

Pomeranian puppy in a funny bunny suit

Other than exposure,

coffee and thermos cup on bench at ice rink arena

I’m unsure what differences
Such changes will make.

Dime stock photo High Quality

I’m hoping that breaking
Some of my normal patterns
Will in turn

Sailing yacht control wheel and implement

Make other, harder things easier to change.

Mechanical transmission by means of gears




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