I handle few things worse
Than the biannual time change.

spring meadow with red poppies

pumpkins outdoor

To help ease
What is always
A difficult transition,


I changed the clocks today.

Classic alarm clock with pink flowers and grass

Giving myself two whole days
For my body to adapt.

Young female runner stretching her legs on sunrise seaside

Whether it helps (or not),
Will be hard to determine

Egyptian  hieroglyphics

Since I’m likely to still struggle
Well into the next month.

Dogs playing in the garden

A perfect example
Of how one small shift
(In this case, an hour)
Can knock me off balance

Balance Beam

Regardless of whether
I anticipate it,

Boy  looking out the window

Prepare for it

Reserved sign on a table in restaurant

What efforts I try to make to adjust.

Professional music mixer console with faders and adjusting knobs close up




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