In the middle of the night,
I jolted awake

funny small dog with alarm clock looking sleepy

To the sound of monsterous thunder & lightening.

Krmelmonster Muffins

Concerned about my ability
To fall back asleep

Rocking chairs on an old porch

I decided to go online
And cancel my morning exercise class,
Which at that time
Was only a few hours away.

happy child in a clear white snow

But last night,
The simple one click process

Neon elevator controls

Didn’t work.

broken heart lollipop

I was stuck in the class
(Whether I wanted to be or not.)

Cow stuck on Gate and just hanging there.

I fell back asleep.

Baby and cat sleeping together

Woke up on time.

The bus-stop on the city street

In the morning light,

Park with morning light

I couldn’t help but think
The malfunctioning button
Was sending me a message.

A carrier pigeon or messenger pigeon was used to carry messages.

The question I then asked myself –

What other messages do I receive

That I don’t hear

classic paper cup phone on wood background


Am too blind to see?

Newborn Ragdoll Kitten



&in so;

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