Let me give you an

Update icon on keyboard button

Minutes after I hit
The “publish” button
For yesterday’s post,
My father called to tell me

Red vintage phone on a blue background

He would agree to have the surgery.

Dog paw and human hand are doing handshake

(His surgery is now scheduled for Friday morning.)

As for today…

After I finished frantically
Cleaning the house this morning

English Bulldog dog canine pet on brown leather couch under blanket looking sad bored lonely sick tired exhausted

In preparation for
The cleaning people to clean,

Perfect room service

I’ve done nothing

Labrador Dog

Except leave the house

kind rijdt  auto

To go get a late lunch
Of fajitas & margaritas –

mexican grilled chicken fajitas in iron skillet shot from overhead on slate

(*None of the pictures I could find
Looked as good as my meal actually was.)

One of which I’m hoping
Will help ease my tension

Hand squeezing a stress ball

And quiet my pounding headache.

Macro relaxing facial massage.

As much as I’d like
To get a big burst
Of productive energy,

field of spring flowers

It’s doubtful until
My father is safely out of surgery –

And out of harm’s way.

Red squirrel on road

I’m tempted to beat myself
Up over this


(But I’m not going to.)

While trying to
Pull myself together –


Something that seems to be
An unusually common pastime for me.

Ready to watch TV with bowl of pop corn

Then again…
This is the whole point
In all that I do.

To turn over a new leaf –

Sapling of the tree

To make myself into something better


Plasticine sun




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