I could make my life
A whole lot easier

prairie dog

If I stopped inserting
Photos into my posts.

Sexy legs against luxury beds backboard

I would save time –
A lot of money.

Woman In Grocery Aisle Of Supermarket With Coupons

I have a diabetic cat named

Moose in Alaska (USA)

Who requires insulin injections
Every 12 hours.

Close up hourglass on wooden background,vintage color tone

My life would be
A whole lot easier
If I didn’t have to give them.

Woman enjoying sunbath in swimming pool

But then…
Moose wouldn’t be with me.

sad child at the window


Easy is not the metric
By which I judge everything.

Close-up of craftsman hands in protective gloves measuring wooden plank with ruler and pencil. Woodwork and renovation concept.

Easy is not a priority to me.

Colorful blank sticky notes - business concept.

I’m more concerned with
Joy, love & happiness.

Child lovingly embraces his pet dog

These are the things
I seek

Joyful woman in the countryside

Because without them
(Even with ease)

My life wouldn’t
Mean much to me.

Vintage second hand clothes hanging on shop rack at weekly flea market - Hipster wardrobe sale concept and alternative retro moda fashion styling - Soft desaturated nostalgic filtered look




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