I’ve been in a strange mood all day.

Monkey portrait

This morning I woke out of a dream
Involving someone I once knew.


Since then I’ve felt
Tethered to the past.

Pharaoh Hound dog walking on leash and harness at sunny day

Not until about an hour ago
Have I been able
To cut myself loose.

happy smiling child playing with dandelion outdoor in a garden

Finally free

Two hens starring at the snow

I’m enjoying the lightness
Of living in the now.

woman silhouette on swing

The more I release of the past
(And my attachment to it)

Such as…
Old memorabilia
Unhealthy or stagnant connections
Outdated habits, patterns & thoughts

Empty retro living room

The more present
(And therefore happier)
I become,

cute papillon puppy in the garden

Which in turn makes me
More capable of creating
The life I want.

Child on vacation




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