I was very upset yesterday.

Sad woman sitting on stone wall with sea in the background, crying and covering her face.

I had a tiny accident

Car accident .


Drinking water


Person At Breakfast Looking At News App On Mobile Phone

In a terrible turn of events,

Manos Sobre el Timn de un Velero

I had something very important on it
That hadn’t yet been backed up to the

single cloud on clear blue sky background

I spent all day yesterday
Praying for a miracle

(One I’ve yet to receive)

begging dog looking into the camera

As my cell phone sits dead
In a bag of

Bowl full of white rice

Due to my distress,
I spent all day in a daze.

Fog in Southern China

I know there’s nothing
I can do.

So, I’m forced
To wait

dog waiting for food

Hoping it comes back to life

Huge dog is lying upside-down on her back on master's bed with handmade patchwork quilt

While, at the same time,
Preparing myself for the worst.

slide broken and abandoned in a deserted playground after the di

Trying to convince myself
If I can’t recover the data,

It’s not the end of the world.

Woman holding her face in her hands



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