This morning was going
Pretty well until 8:30am

Smile for a good morning

When I called my mother.
(A big mistake.)

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake (Crotalus atrox)

Mother, for as wonderful as she is,
Has large, unpredictable mood swings.

Lonely woman silhouette swinging at sunset on the beach

Within minutes a smooth start

fishing boat sailing alone at sea

Had to turned into rough sailing
As she started yelling at me.

Rough sea

Not knowing what was going on
Only that it wasn’t about me,

Tangled-Up Kitty

I did my best to
Keep myself grounded & centered

deep meditation open mind

While also trying to calm her down.

two king pinguins near sea

I’ve dedicated my life to growth.

Adorable little gardener

In doing so,
I purposely look for lessons
In everything I experience.

Hiker looking in binoculars enjoying view in forest during hiking trip.

The tricky thing about lessons is

Fox in car park

If you’re not careful,
You’ll learn the wrong thing.

Standardized quiz or test score sheet

What other people do,
Say or

Misunderstanding, a barrier in relations, denial of society.

Has nothing to do
With anyone but themselves.

Colorful Sunset at the Imperial Beach Pier, USA

Every upset (small or large)
We experience begins in our minds.

seeds in the ground

What we think,
The judgements we make,
Our beliefsā€¦

None are inherently true.

Floating candles

They’re only a reflection
Of an often warped,
Limited mindset.

Warped tree


Our ultimate lesson always involves
Searching for (& finding)
The deeper truth.

compass hiking search direction path opportunity




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