As the heat of
The looming summer

The production process of the handmade textiles on the loom

Begins to mount

Rising bread dough

My body,
By contrast,
Begins to slow down.

Young Hoffmann's two-toed sloth eating lentils

For the next three months
I do my best
To stay indoors

Bat cave

Get a more than normal
Amount of rest.

Sleeping koalas

If I go out,
I do so early

Rooster crows on the traditional farm yard

Always trying to be home by noon.

school cafeteria

Only to nap
Through the heat
Of the afternoon.

hot steel on conveyor
All the while contemplating
The cycles of life

bicicletta nera appoggiata al muro

And understanding
That we need each
To flourish & thrive.

Swallowtail Butterfly




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