I feel pretty much
Brain dead today.

Cute scary halloween apple cyclop monsters food healthy vegetarian celebration party snack dessert recipe with red fabric on vintage wooden background

Over the past couple of weeks,
I’ve become accustomed to this feeling.


At one point in my life,
I would have been rushing
To the doctor
To find out what’s wrong.

Child little girl playing doctor

I just try to be
Patient with myself.

Patient dog

Whatever is going on with me
Will pass

Slope car passing through tunnel of cherry blossom (Sakura)

Because if we’re open
And allow them to

Woman near window raising hands facing the sunrise at morning

Things will naturally
Level themselves out.

Flooded bench

I sit & wait

Dog with leash

Knowing the time will come
When this is a distant memory,

volare in parapendio

My brain will wake up

Hauskatze - ghnen

And (as effortlessly as it turned off)
It’ll turn itself back on.

Edison Lightbulbs




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