I’ve been going through
A period of introspection –
And withdrawal.

All thought & energy has turned inward
As I’ve tried to make sense
Out of the steady stream
Of jumbled thoughts.

So much has changed for me
Within the last year.

I started out working on a manuscript,
Starting this new blog…

All was going well
Until my father became very ill.

My manuscript writing slowed –
And at his death,
Came to a halt.

As death often does,
I started re-evaluating my life.

Wondering what specifically
I felt called to do
In my limited time.

My love for writing is clear.
I’ve had it all my life.

The question wasn’t should I continue to write.
It was where did my heart, power, voice lie?
What did they want me to write?

In trying to find the answer,
I’ve floundered around.

I believe I’ve found some clarity
So (at this moment)
This is where I stand…

1. As of January, I’m going to start blogging a new book
(Aptly called, Perfecting Daily Living.)
I’ll write (& post) it in real time
As I always have.

*Because I enjoy writing journal entries
About my day, random thoughts & experiences,
Those still may remain peppered in.

2. I have another passion,
Which I haven’t shared fully here –
One for health, well being & self care.

By January 2017,
I’ll have a new website (& blog.)
I’ll share my knowledge, insights & experiments
On those subjects there.

Until that time,
I’m going to chronicle
My not very pretty (or organized) journey & thoughts
As I try to go
From here to there.

The ups & downs…
The back & froths…
That I’ve given up trying to quiet down.

My hope is that
You too will think of something
You feel compelled to be, do or share.

And along with me,
We can find a way
To help each other get there.

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