After the busyness surrounding Thanksgiving,
I’ve spent the past two days
In relative quiet.

Decompressing, disconnecting…
From the frantic nature of life.

It’s in this quiet
That I feel most at home,
Most at ease.

As my body & mind slow down,
I look out viewing
Busyness as a disease.

Like a parasite,
It feeds off it’s host.

The larger it grows.
The more it’s in control.

It’s become a skin we wear.
And never take off.

One that hides
The most beautiful, joyful aspects of life.

The more we move,
The harder & more uncomfortable
It is to stop.

To rationalize our craze,
We consider it life.

It’s not.

The truth is…
Until we’re able to purposely
Slow down & pause
The true purpose of life is lost.

Many ants. Fairy picture for children. Moss, creek, bridge




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