Across the board,
This is terrible advice.

It’s easier not to exercise,
To eat unhealthy food,
To procrastinate…

Doing the easy thing
Generally leads to poor results.

But yesterday evening while I was showering
It struck me that I get so wrapped up
In the big, important things I need to do,
I fail to do the easiest, quickest tasks –

Allowing them instead to weigh down my thoughts
When they should long be dead.

Take for example my shower curtain.

I bought a new one over a month ago.
It’s been sitting on a shelf in the my bathroom
Since I first bought it
Begging to be hung.

The task would only take me a few minutes.

Day after day,
I put it off.

Every evening when I shower
I think to myself,
I’ve got to put up the new shower curtain up.

I get out of the shower.
Go about my bedtime preparations
Telling myself,
I’ll do it tomorrow.

So, today I give you
The same advice I’m giving myself.

Stop procrastinating…
Stop making excuses…
Get the easy thing done.

Put the stupid shower curtain up!

(*Right before I posted this, I did put the shower curtain up. Yay! Unfortunately, I also hung it up backwards, a mistake I have yet to correct. Maybe another day…)

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