I consider myself a fundamentally honest person,
Who only tells (with the best intentions)
Little white lies.

For example…
When people ask how I’m doing,
I almost always say, “Great!”

What have you been up to?
(My most common response)
“Not much.”

Neither is meant to deceive anyone.

I figure most people who ask
Do so out of courtesy.
Not because they really care.

Even if they do,
It serves no point or purpose to explain
Or… Complain.

Today (were I to be completely honest)
My answer would be…

I feel like crap.
(And I’ve been taking pain medicine all day.)

– The cold front has wrecked havoc on my body.
– Every joint in my body hurts.
– I’m swollen from my monthly allergy shots,
Which makes sitting or lying down uncomfortable.
– I have stabbing pains in my stomach
With severe lower back pain due to my cramps.

As the day progresses…
Everything hurts more.

That’s the truth.

Speaking it out loud
Doesn’t make me feel better –
It makes me feel worse.

I’m not in denial.
Trying to hide the pain.
Or, even put on a brave front.

 I’m just trying to
Take each moment as it comes.
Knowing that what now is
Will one day (one moment)
Be no more.


Everything is ephemeral.


Purple white crocuses under snow



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