There’s a curious thing about my nature…

I have things I want to do.
Things I’d like to change.

Still, overall…
I’m relatively happy,

Which is why I find it strange
I’m indifferent to most things.

Go out or stay home…
This or that…

In most cases,
I simply don’t care.

For a long time
I thought it was a sign
Something was wrong with me.

I now view it as something else –

A realization that
My joy & happiness reside inside me.

If I can’t be happy here,
I won’t be happy there.

Joy & happiness shouldn’t be contingent on anything.

I’m happy if…
I’m unhappy if…

Using a person, place, thing or activity
To prop up my emotions
Creates a house of cards
That under the slightest pressure
Will come tumbling down.

I’m indifferent to these things
Not because I don’t feel.

But because I’ve learned
Any feelings they create are temporary
(At best) –

Or, (at worst)
Not real.


dreamy woman walking in nature towards the sun and the unknown infinite


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