One New Year’s Day I went to Juiceland.
As the girl behind the counter handed me my juice,
She said,”

“Number 1 of 363.”

(Juiceland closes two days a year.)

Buying a daily green juice
Is a long term habit of mine.

Even though I consciously realize this,
I’d never before thought of it
In terms of numbers,

Which is why
It hadn’t struck me until then
(When it comes to habits)
Numbers don’t lie.

I’ve tried apps.
Complicated spreadsheets to track.
All of which ultimately failed.

Today I realize that
If I want to see the truth behind my behaviors
And their results,
I can simply count.

How many times have I ___ ?
How many times have I not ___ ?

Having the numbers themselves
Won’t change anything.

But it will give me
A more accurate view
Of things that might otherwise
Slip by my consciousness.

Numbers will show me the truth.




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