Planning is good.
Or so we’re taught.

The need to be prepared
For countless outcomes
Often preoccupies our lives.

Yet for all the planning we do,
Only a small percentage of it truly helps.

There are too many variables.
Things unthought of –
Both good & bad.

Life, we learn at some point,
Has it’s own plans.

Today is the only day
In which we have any control –
Or over which we exert any influence.

So today (and in days that follow)
I ask myself…

What do I need to do?
What can I do?
What do I plan to do?

If something comes to mind,
I’ll then ask myself,

Am I ready (or prepared) to deal with it today?

If so,
I’ll move forward with it.

If not,
I’ll write it down,
Tucking the thought away
To deal with another day.




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