About a year & a half ago
It struck me
I’d been approaching life
The wrong way.

I’d been struggling,
Holding on,
Trying to exert my will…

All of which drained me
And never got me
To the place I most wanted to go.

I realized…

Instead of paddling against the current,
Trying to anchor myself or
Attempting to stay afloat,

I’d be best served
By simply going with the flow.

Letting things organically unfold.

Embracing the fact that
I don’t know where
That might mean I end up.

Within this new structure or path,
I use my emotions & feelings
As a guide.

I relax into things.
Follow my passion, joy, happiness & delight.

I choose to trust myself,
Some unseen force
And the process of life.
(All of which I believe to be on my side.)

And, by doing so,
I not only survive.

I thrive.




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