I’m waiting. (Or, have been.) Knowing something is coming. Not knowing exactly what.

The crisis with my mother (one that felt very much my own) ended. Now, I try to relax.

I look around at all the things necessarily left undone & ignored. Before Mother’s crisis, the sheer amount of things neglected would have overwhelmed me. Each glance around… Each to-do stressing me out.

Still recovering, I have no energy for that. A thought comes. Or, I look around. Feel tension start to mount. Stop myself. Breath. Then, relax.

I do this out of necessity – mind & body fried from weeks of stress. Underneath this necessity, I see the gift in all this. A reminder that little my mind thinks important actually is.

That constant movement, activity, to-do’s… Are often best left avoided, delayed or even undone.

Action isn’t living – only a small part of it.

Peace, happiness, fulfillment… Will only be found in the larger part that remains.




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