Looking back over the four months of this new year, I feel as if I’ve been running in circles.
Not moving forward. If anything, moving back.

I ask myself, “What positive changes have I made?”

– Added a few new supplements to an already long list
– Stopped exercising in the morning in an attempt to change up my daily routine
– Gotten better at listening to my body – a prerequisite to tuning into my intuition & unearthing deeper levels of authenticity
– Signed up for NLP Practitioner Training
– (Pretty much decided) to begin a Waking Yoga Teacher Training Program later this year

Each of these feels small, almost inconsequential to the things I’ve let slip.

I struggle to write. So preoccupied I’ve been with my mother’s move. (A move which was supposed to happen weeks ago. And has now dragged into months.)

I stated an intention (month’s ago) to declutter, purge, organize… I needed to. I didn’t.

Now… With my focus on my mother’s stuff (not on my own), everything’s piled up. Order has turned to chaos. A long to-do list left too long undone.

In addition to my own stuff (haphazardly placed around), I’m also the not so proud owner (or keeper) of more stuff. A lot of stuff. Too much stuff. Collectibles. Memorabilia. Random things. All crammed together.

I could keep the things packed away. Hidden, as much as possible, from view. Use effort to distract myself or push the thoughts & things from my mind.

Unfortunately, that would only drain my already low energy. Wasting both precious energy & time.

As much as I don’t want to, I need to deal with what’s in front of me head on. And, deal with it now, while I still have a choice & some clarity of thought.

So, as soon as Mother leaves after Easter, I’m going to start.




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