Days I struggle with deeply engrained emotional or mental habits, patterns or routines – all from which I want to be free.


I struggle with a bag.

Inconspicuous. Neatly tucked away. It sits there day after day. In it crammed paperwork that needs to be put away.

The handles of the bag strain. And, every time I go to peak inside, I quickly turn away.

Most certainly there are higher priority to-do’s. Actions that outwardly might have a bigger impact on my life. (Like… Write.)

But this one bag represents all that’s wrong in my life. How I’ve spent years tucking things away, avoiding, procrastinating… All so I don’t see (or have to deal with) unsavory “stuff.”

And… I can’t help but think…

To move forward… To get unstuck… I must deal with everything hidden away.

Not all at once. Just a little day after day…




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