Further into my past my dreams take me. To places long thought lost or dead.

Each night I close my eyes, I never know where in the morning I’ll land.

Some dreams send me clear messages.

In others, any message lost. Instead I fall down a rabbit hole, never knowing where I’ll come up.

The intensity & vibrancy of my dreams is unmatched in waking life.

This is part of what I search for… What I hope to find…

Deep colors, richer textures, more poignant emotions to guide me in life.

I have moments I come close.

Then… They leave. These moments I crave. I want to keep within me.

I easily get caught up in action, responsibility & daily maintenance of life.

When I do, my eyes glaze over. I become detached from my body. Ruled by my mind.

I rarely speak of this. Feeling it’s a desire not meant to spoken aloud. That society, our families, our environments… shape us purposely in a way to weed this out.

That wanting something different, something more would be seen as a childish fantasy or indulgence. It’s not how things are.

So, I keep quite. Continuing my search day after day.

Waiting until the day my senses ignite… My heart catches fire…. Everything around & inside me expands.

And, although I have many things to do. Countless thoughts vying for space in my head. It’s this I desire most.

Only from this place do I want to be lead.

Because without it (and until I find it) part of me feels dead.




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