Before I get out of bed, I follow my normal routine.

I close my eyes. And, slip quickly back into my dreams.

Sometimes I fall firmly back into place. Other times (like today) I get bits & pieces of my world before I wake.

Images. Words. Feelings. All with gentle stroking come back to mind. When they do, I capture them. Knowing what stands out in my dreams is also important in my waking life.

I grab my phone. Jot down any images or words that come to mind. Then…

I go to an online dream dictionary to find what they mean. Looking for meanings that resonate with me.

Dream Search:
– School bus = about to venture on an important life journey
– Organizing = need for order & stability
– Working = reflects your success or need to stop procrastinating
– Library = search for knowledge; hunger for new ideas; seeking new meanings in life

Whether there’s a science or truth to this process matters not. What does matter….

Over the years, this process has helped me a lot.




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