I wake early Sunday morning engulfed by darkness, completely exhausted. A different type of fatigue than my day to day norm. One which runs down to my bones. It radiates out from my core.

I lie still, willing myself to move. My body refuses to cooperate. I need a different approach.

I’m both attending & assisting another Neuro Lingistic Programming Practitioner Training Class.

Long days. A lot of content & interaction. Both of which I enjoy. Both of which tire me.

That I’m a little fatigued surprises me not. I woke yesterday at 3:30am (Today at 5am.) A way too early start.

It’s the depth of the fatigue. Like my body needs rest for a month. Like I’ve burned out my battery. Faint lights come on. But the engine refuses to start.

Nevertheless… I will get myself up. I just haven’t figured out how. I will make it through the day some way.

But with no delusions. I’m asking of my body something it resists. I’m ignoring it’s signals. It’s clearly telling me what it needs. I, however, have my own plans.

For this, in the next couple of days… I’ll pay.

Because when I allow my mind to override my body, it’s only a matter of time before something goes astray.




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    • christie

      I’ve been thinking all day about how to best describe NLP. There are a wide array of definitions. Like… “Learning the language of your mind.” It helps with understanding how people organize their thoughts, feelings, behaviors. It help with behavior modification. And, helps you learn to improve your own state/mood & help others do the same. It does a lot of things. These are just a few of the more generalized definitions of it’s purpose.

      The training I’m taking is put on by Katie Raver in Austin.

      If you’d like more information about NLP… Or, if I didn’t answer your question fully… Please let me know.


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