I get ready for bed earlier & earlier every day.

I don’t go to bed. I just prepare.

I finish up my “daytime activities.” Do my “nighttime prep”… Then, wait until it’s time to go to bed.

At first, it began with 30 minutes – 30 minutes early. Next… An hour. Today… Three hours in advance.

I don’t know where this new compulsion comes from. (Since it does no harm, I simply wait for it to pass.)

A lot of strange things have come over me in the past couple of months.

I’ve switched to a more liquid diet (smoothies & green juice – thankfully, not alcohol.)

Other than my normal errands & appointments, I’ve lost any desire to leave the house.

I lose time staring out the windows watching the birds.

I sit in silence with my eyes closed.

There’s a whole list of new (many inconsequential) things… None of which I know what means. Only that something (yet undefined) internal and external is changing.




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