The weekend proved long. (And, as exhausting as I expected.)

The idea behind the two intensive days… To create a long term vision. A 20 year plan.
Something years ago I would have jumped at the chance to do.

Now… Not so much.

I’ve given up all desire to try to direct life. I’ve chosen an easier, more fluid approach –

Being open to what opportunities flow.

I know what I want (in general terms). And, what I don’t. But…

There are too many unknown, unexpected variables – all impossible to account for.

Things unthought of (both good & bad).

Possibilities many of which never existed in my head.

Setting my sights on something focuses me.

It blinds me too. To the beauty, opportunity or directions I’d otherwise see.

I close. Instead of open my mind.

And, in doing so…

Contract – when what I want is to expand.




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