I’ve always been enamored with with idea of a fresh start.

The whole…
Today can be the first day of a new life.

I want a do over.

Reflecting back, with a tendency of being hard on myself,
I estimate a full 98% of my life decisions have been bad.

Some blatantly bad.
Others bad simply because they didn’t turn out as planned.

Here’s my ugly personal truth –

I struggle to do the simplest of things like:
– Fold & put away my laundry
– Open my mail
– Cook
– Clean

I have a mind that likes to over complicate things.
Thus overwhelming me.

To make life easier & better, I must stop.

I need to master the art of daily life.

The world goes faster & faster.
We face more & more demands.

In this process, we lose the beauty & joy of the simple things.

Each moment counts.
Each minute is one less we have.

It would serve us well to start to looking at our lives like a piece of art –

Something we paint.
A creation from the heart.

Instead of something we struggle through or something we fight.

A place where stress gives way to gratitude, passion & delight.

I have moments of these.
I seek more.

Knowing each can be found if only looked for.

That’s where I begin.

Tomorrow I start anew.

I wonder what it will bring.

My ultimate goal…

To make things better.
To change out dated, non-productive & inefficient things.

To create more ease.

To enjoy the process of life more.

To do that will require I experiment & explore.

Learning obsessed. Growth focused. Wisdom seeking. Recovering perfectionist. In eternal struggle to tame obsessive compulsive tendencies.

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