My plight to declutter the living room yesterday failed.

There are levels of failure.
From almost achieved what you wanted
To didn’t even get close.

I didn’t even get close.

To try to make the most
Of having to openly, publicly admit
I couldn’t do what I said I would.

Or, maybe not couldn’t.
Just didn’t.

I try to learn from the experience.

What went wrong?

I started out the day with my intention strong.
I even skipped exercise class to add an extra hour & half to my day.

I wrote in the morning.
I had an appointment.
Got home around 11am.

A crisis arose.

I spent the entire afternoon dealing with it.

I don’t want to say,
“I didn’t have time.”

I could have found the time.
I could have made the time.

The ugly truth is…

I didn’t feel like it.
(Which, of course, I never do.)

I was exhausted.
The last thing I wanted to deal with was my mess.

In addition I realized…

The living is larger –
And, a more complicated project
Than I gave it credit for.

I need to learn to overestimate
Not underestimate.

At least then I get a more realistic view
Of the effort, energy & time involved.

Today I’m still exhausted from yesterday.
So, I’m giving myself a break

While I go back to the drawing board
And come up with a more reasonable sized project
To take on.

Thinking more in terms of minutes & hours.
Not a 24 hour day.

This does hit on the issue I’m trying to get to bottom of:

What delays or thwarts my decluttering & organizing actions each day?

If it were one day,
Then the issue would be small.

But day after day,
No progress gets made at all.

Even though I’m not actively working on a home project today,
I am thinking.

I need to determine my personal roadblocks.
And, still find a way.

Maybe I need to work from one small corner of the house out.

Or, maybe (if I could accurately measure things)
Twenty square feet a day.

The only thing that is clear…

What I’ve been doing
Is not working.

I need a new approach.

If I have to,
I’ll try a new one every day.

With enough persistence,
I’m certain I can find a way!


Learning obsessed. Growth focused. Wisdom seeking. Recovering perfectionist. In eternal struggle to tame obsessive compulsive tendencies.

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