I always like the idea
Of starting the new year strong.

Of setting goals

And, as of January 1st
Working tirelessly towards them.

That never happens.

I have reasons.

January is the peak of my worst allergy season.

Due to the weather, my joints (and therefore pain level)
Are higher than any other time of year.

Basically, for the past 20 years,
December through February
Are my worst months of the year.

Now, just as I’d planned to
Recommit and finally move ahead
(Even though my body is still struggling each day),

I’ve injured my right arm.
And sprained something in my left.

Leaving me,
Should I choose to minimize the pain
And heal properly

Without two functioning arms & hands.

I still plan to write.
I can type quickly –
And, while on pain meds.

I can’t however work on decluttering
Or cleaning up the house
Until I have full, pain free mobility back.

So, I’m going to temporarily shift my approach.

And use the time to come up with:
1. A plan
2. Products that make life easier.

I’m also going to be giving thought to:
– Why I keep failing in my attempts
– What processes & systems break down (and where)
– Where I’m most inefficient
– What might help me the most
– How to make daily chores more enjoyable
– What habits will help the most

I plan to post (at least) every couple of days.

I may find (depending on how I’m doing)
That I need more time off.

If I do,
I promise I’ll be back.

One way or another,
At some point (soon)…

I will get myself back on track.

Learning obsessed. Growth focused. Wisdom seeking. Recovering perfectionist. In eternal struggle to tame obsessive compulsive tendencies.

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