This is a story.
The contents of an intended book
In a blog format.

It’s a work of non-fiction
With tinges of undeliberate fiction peppered in.

Divided into seasons,
Past and present

To mirror the natural flow of life.

To show how we organically move
From one place
(Be it of thought, emotion or space)
To the next.

It’s reality how I’ve known it.
And how I see it now

Knowing such only holds
An undercurrent of truth

Since what I see,
And feel

Only represent my truth.

With each post,
I peel back layers of myself
To get to what’s underneath.

What I’ll find…

How the story ends…

I do not know yet.

Just as I’m uncertain
I want it to be read.

I’d prefer to be invisible.

I’d prefer not to expose myself.

I close my eyes.
I breathe deeply.
I prepare to write.

As I do,
I wonder…

What life could be like?